Sign the Letter to the Army Corps of Engineers

Wise Energy for Virginia has learned that it’s never too soon to start fighting plans for dirty energy projects in our great Commonwealth. For more than a year and a half, we’ve been working hard at the regional level to combat the proposed 1,500 megawatt Old Dominion Electric Co-op (ODEC) coal plant that, if constructed, would be the largest in the state.

Now all Virginians have an opportunity to get involved—and we need your help.  This massive plant would increase mountaintop removal coal mining, release as much climate changing carbon dioxide each year as 2 million cars, and pollute the Hampton Roads region with mercury and thousands of tons of smog forming emissions annually.

The federal Army Corps of Engineers is now gathering information for a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the proposal that will inform its decision on whether to issue required water pollution permits. By law, the EIS must consider all the plant’s environmental impacts, from mountaintop removal in southwest Virginia to smog in Hampton Roads. Most importantly, it must independently evaluate environmentally preferable alternatives to the proposal.

Sign your name below to take action right now.

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