The majority of the electricity generated in Virginia comes from dirty, dangerous fuels.


Dominion is the largest electric utility in Virginia, providing about two-thirds of the power sold in the Commonwealth. Disappointingly, Dominion generates less than 2% of its energy from renewable energy resources and invests very little in energy efficiency programs.


Dominion Power, Appalachian Power and coal corporations have undue influence in the Virginia General Assembly. In fact, Dominion is the top non-party donor to the Commonwealth’s politicians. These close relationships mean that coal corporations still enjoy millions of dollars in subsidies every year while they pass the costs of their pollution onto us. Further, Dominion has supported laws favoring fossil fuels while lobbying against bills that would mandate investments in clean energy and efficiency programs.

We have the power to change this. The majority of Virginians support a transition to clean, renewable energy sources. Since the state government has given each electric utility a €œregulated monopoly€ on selling electricity in its service territory, we don’€™t get to choose which company provides our power. But we have a right to help determine what type of power they’€™re selling us. Together, we can show the General Assembly that it’€™s time to make sure Dominion and Appalachian invest in 21st century solutions, like energy efficiency, wind and solar power, that will create jobs and grow our economy without harming our health or our treasured natural resources.

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