Protect Our Health from Air & Water Pollution

Pollution from fossil fuels harms our families€™ health. Coal is the number one source of mercury pollution and a leading trigger of asthma attacks. This is especially dangerous for the more than 100,000 children in Virginia who suffer from asthma. Richmond has been declared the asthma capital of the United States in 2010, 2011 and 2013. More than 1 in 12 women of child-bearing age in the United States have levels of mercury in their blood high enough to harm their baby if they were to become pregnant.


Burning fossil fuels results in drastic impacts to our health and the environment by poisoning our air and water with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Soot from coal-fired power plants is responsible for more than 13,000 premature deaths each year across the United States. Nationally, coal pollution costs Americans $100 billion in health costs each year. Virginia families can’€™t afford to continue to rely on this dirty fuel.

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