New Power for the Old Dominion


America is moving towards a clean energy future. From North Carolina to Maryland to Texas, policymakers across the political spectrum have begun to seriously invest in clean energy technology that will reinvigorate our economy by creating local, high-paying jobs while cleaning up the air we breathe.

Virginia has fallen behind in this move to invest in smart, forward-thinking solutions to meet our energy needs. The state lags behind even North Carolina, where entrepreneurs have installed enough solar power to light up 24,600 homes.

Virginia doesn’t have to settle for the back of the pack. We have the opportunity to build a clean energy economy that sustains our communities, creates home grown jobs, and safeguards our natural environment.

Today, the Old Dominion is powered primarily by dirty fossil fuels, and our electric utilities plan to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. Mining and burning coal, and extracting natural gas and oil forces significant health impacts and financial burdens on communities across the state. Further, burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change. Staying on the current course will mean Virginias utilities continue contributing to the ever increasing dangers of climate disruption like extreme storms, flooding and heat waves. A swift transition to clean energy will not only strengthen our economy, it will help avoid some of the worst effects of pollution and help safeguard our families from climate disruption.

We must change course and move toward a clean energy economy. Virginia policymakers and utilities must turn away from the dirty fuels of the past and instead embrace clean energy and energy efficiency initiatives that bring Virginia into the 21st century.

It’s time for New Power for the Old Dominion. And it starts with us.

New Power for the Old Dominion is bringing Virginians together to build a healthy and secure future for our families with wise energy choices. By urging our states utilities and leaders to invest in energy efficiency and wind and solar power instead of more fossil fuels, we can create thousands of new jobs, save money for families, and help protect Virginia€™s treasured natural resources.

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